Expected results

The main result of the project is the development of a sustainable support system for Business of Knowledge and Innovation in the primary and related secondary sector of the CB region. Development of skills, awareness of innovative approaches, business models, stronger cross-border-business links, better competitiveness, and resilience of the Agri entrepreneurship sector, which will result in the improvement of entrepreneurship conditions during the project but also and most important after the project.

This will be achieved through the actions foreseen and described above. As cross-border area is dominated by a rural economy Bu4Inno will implement joint cross-border activities and is estimated that more than 100 farmers will be part of the said activities.

Furthermore, the Project will encourage the establishment of new start-up SME’s and micro-SME’s by providing a toolset for business innovation practices and rudimentary business management skills.

To encapsulate, the Project aims at targeting Synergies between the business sector and the target population involved in agriculture which will be achieved through events while focusing on the particularities of the cross-border economy.

We should also stretch the importance of the e-platform for support and innovation that will be developed and will offer lifelong support, education and training by the three partners.

 CERTH/INAB as a public research centre can host and upgrade the platform and use its unique knowledge in IT agriculture and biotechnology in order to support the CB area SMEs and also to expand this support to the totality of both countries, Greece and Bulgaria, with the support of PP2 and PP3.


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