The objective is to develop an improved entrepreneurial support system for agri SMEs and farmers in the CB area which is primarily devoted to the agriculture with a great variety of goods produced whilst a large portion of the populace is either wholly or partially involved in their production.

The area is an important producer of fruit pulses, vegetables and herbs. There are also developed SMEs involved in agricultural product processing.

CB agricultural sector is characterized by a strong loss of competitiveness and social economic decline.

Bu4Inno objective is to boost sustainable development based on the economy of knowledge of the CB primary sector which can be realized through research and innovation encouraging a balanced resilience development of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector for the region through the strengthening of cooperation processes in the primary and secondary sectors among the two countries.

Bu4Inno also aims to stimulate business innovation coming from collaboration with INAB/CERTH, creation and support existing SMEs through innovative incubators collaboration. Bu4Inno focuses on agriculture and the agro-food industry being the main source of income for the residents on both sides of the border.

Bu4Inno will endeavor to assist young farmers to develop their own business, support existing SMEs by providing innovative ideas from LB using biotechnology and local biodiversity and training and information with the help of two incubators in the CB area.

An e-platform will be set up in INAB to offer lifelong support, learning and education. The project partners will provide training and support in novel product development, entrepreneurial development in finance and in the innovation in the agricultural sector. Bu4Inno also aims to promote innovative methods of trading linked to the application of the processed food systems to the high value productions stimulating the development of the agro-industrial sector.

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