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The objective is to develop an improved entrepreneurial support system for agri SMEs and farmers in the CB area thus the outputs will be new and established enterprises being supported for innovation and training in novel agribiotechnology methods from the LP. PP3 will upgrade an existing facility, with new software-hardware and furnishing, in order to operate as a pre-incubator to deliver the education-training of young farmers and entrepreneurs, support SMEs, and become the info centre for the agri-entrepreneurship.

 Upgrade an existing facility of PP2, software-hardware etc. in order to operate as the info centre –incubator for training-educating young farmers and entrepreneurs and supporting SMEs to make it easier for the target groups, including disabled; Analysis of the entrepreneurship status and agricultural sector in the CB region: Analysis of the emerging challenges faced by SMEs in the primary and secondary sector caused by COVID-19 and recommendations for actions.

Developed tools: social app and e-platform to provide information, access to training and lifelong support and education.

Organized two boot camps on both sides of the CB area in person or digitally; study visits and events to encourage exchange of ideas, experience, know-how and demonstration of innovations for SMEs in the CB region.

Developed training materials for potential new entrepreneurs and SMEs delivered 4 to 6 training groups tailored according to findings and recommendations by the analysis and studies performed withing the project, train more than 20 Young people potential entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in starting up their own business related to agriculture.

It is estimated that at least 10 new entrepreneurs with knowledge and skills in innovation, finance new product and services development and cooperation will come out of the project. UoM and Gotse Delchev Incubators will be upgraded accordingly and will continue to support the entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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